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The user of geoportal is any person, who is interested in the services and spatial data related information provided in the geoportal, and uses them for his/her own purposes in the conformity with geoportal rights. The user of the geoportal may also apply for the authenticated user rights by registering and accepting the conditions of use.

 The users are divided into three groups:

-          ordinary user

-          authenticated ordinary user

-          data owner


Ordinary user can search, view and download spatial data in the geoportal.

Authenticated, i.e. registered  (ordinary) user can add to the geoportal his/her own data layers by digitising or uploading the existing spatial data, and share these layers with others.


Authenticated data owners are the holders of information as defined in §5 of the Public Information Act, and third persons, who provide services as listed in §7 of the Geoportal Regulation in order to meet the requirements of the INSPIRE Directive and Spatial Data Act, in particular those relating to metadata, interoperability and network services.

In order to register to the Estonian geoportal, click on the button “Register” in the right upper corner of the page.

As a data owner mark “Wish to become data owner”, thereafter enter your reasons into the textbox and agree to the conditions of use.

After the registration is completed additional information will be displayed on the left menu about capabilities.