Registered user

Compared to the ordinary user, the authenticated user has the following capabilities:

Creation and management of his own spatial data layers

Supported functionality

  • Drawing objects on the map (points, lines, polygons)
  • Uploading of the existing spatial data

Supported formats:

  • Mapinfo MID/MIF
  • Geography Markup Language (GML)
  • Google KML
  • ESRI Personal Geodatabase (GDB)
  • ESRI File Geodatabase (MDB)
  • GPS eXchange Format (GPX)


  • Before uploading it is recommended to transform data into the Estonian National Coordinate System L’EST-97 (Lambert EST’97, in order to ensure good positional accuracy
  • Data shall be uploaded in compressed files (zip-format)
  • One zip-file can contain several files of the same format (e.g. kaart.mif, kaart2.mif)
  • Zip-file should not contain different formats (e.g. kaart.mif, kaart.gml)
  • From GPX-format only waypoints can be read and written
  • Data can be in the layer either as points, polylines or polygons


  • Downloading of spatial data created in the geoportal or uploaded by him or other users, provided the user has granted a respective right therefor. Downloadable formats are the same as uploadable.
  •  Adding layers from the existing WMS and WMS-C. WMS version 1.3 or newer is supported.
  • Defining the layout of the created layers:
    • for points symbols, their size, color, transparency can be set
    • for lines width, style, color, transparency
    • for polygons outline width, color and style as well as fill color and transparency
  • Grouping of the created layers. The created groups and layers in them can be re-grouped.
  • Adding layer names and descriptions both in Estonian and English
  • Setting the visibility and download options for the shared layer
  • Setting zoom levels for the layer
  • Adding labels to objects

 Creation and management of bookmarks

  • With the help of bookmark the following can be done:
    • to save the created thematic maps for further use
    • to share the created layers with others
    • to generate iFrame code for adding the map window to your web page or blog
  • The bookmark can be:
    • shared via URL, iFrame, e-mail and different social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Google+, etc.)
    • re-written, when, e.g., the combination of layers has been changed on the map
    • deleted

The data layers entered by the authenticated user are not public. By bookmarking the layer(s) it will be possible to share them with other users using URL.