Welcome to the Estonian National Geoportal!

The Estonian geoportal is a “gateway” through which spatial data that are owned by the Estonian state, local governments and other legal persons governed by public law are published and made available.

The Estonian geoportal is a part of the Estonian Spatial Data Infrastructure the aim of which to ensure that different spatial data meet certain requirements and are available via harmonized services.

 A short overview of the portal’s content and its possibilities is as following:

Metadata – Discovery service. It enables to search, view and save metadata on view services that have been entered into the Estonian geoportal.

Services – Information on the INSPIRE view services (content of services and addresses) and guidelines on how to use the services.

About INSPIRE – Information on the INSPIRE Directive – overview, monitoring, legislation.

Map – it enables to browse backdrop maps and data layers in the Estonian geoportal, and by combining them to create different thematic maps. The created maps can be shared or printed. User registration provides additional capabilities for adding, managing and sharing your own data layers.

Data owner – Information on the owners of data that have been made available through the Estonian geoportal.

Sign up – Information on how to become a registered user of the Estonian geoportal. Rights and liabilities. Who, why and how to register and what are the additional capabilities for the registered user.

Help – Help information on how to use the Estonian geoportal.


The Estonian Spatial Data Infrastructure was established within the framework of European Union Structural Assistance ”Operational Programme for the Development of Economic Environment”, priority axis “Development of the Information Society”, financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

NOTE! To get the best possible user experience of the Estonian geoportal, we recommend for browsing Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer (v.8 or newer).