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Metadata provide information about what kind of spatial data are available in Estonia, including in the Estonian geoportal, who is the owner of data, what is their content, where they can be found, are there any restrictions on data services, etc. Metadata are data about data.
The metadata database of the Estonian geoportal includes the metadata of databases, datasets and network services related to the spatial data themes as listed in the annexes to the INSPIRE Directive. Also other registered data owners can enter, validate and save metadata about their spatial data and network services in the geoportal. All metadata are searchable and downloadable in XML format.
Metadata can be searched by word (Search) or theme (Browse), the area of interest can be shown on map or an address search can be used. In XML format the metadata file can be uploaded and its conformity to INSPIRE requirements can be checked (Validate).
The structure of database corresponds to the international standards as prescribed in the INSPIRE Directive: ISO 19115:2003 "Geographic information - Metadata" and ISO/TS 19139:2007 "Geographic information - Metadata- XML schema implementation".
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