Data owner

Data owners are public authorities as defined in § 5 of the Public Information Act, and third persons, who provide services listed in § 7 of the Geoportal Regulation. To become a data owner, a relevant registration form shall be filled in.

Data entered into the geoportal by data owners is public, can be viewed, searched and downloaded.

While entering data, the data owner is obliged to:

1)      appoint a person who is responsible for maintaining contacts with the chief processor and for forwarding and checking the data

2)      meet the conditions of use and requirements laid down by the chief processor

3)      compile metadata for his own  spatial data and services rendered

4)      make the services listed in § 7 of the Geoportal Regulation available for the public through the geoportal and to guarantee their updatedness and functioning

5)      ensure the conformity of spatial data services to the Spatial Data Act, particularly regarding the requirements laid down for metadata, interoperability and network services

6)      shut down the service which is not updated any more, or any other circumstances occur due to which providing this service is not reasonable any more

7)      inform the chief processor about the scheduled and occurred breaks and changes in the provision of services