Conditions of use of the Estonian geoportal for the authenticated user

1. General conditions

1.1  By registering the ordinary user (further referred to as registered user or user) agrees to these terms and conditions of use. Without accepting these conditions of use, it is not possible to become a registered user to the Estonian geoportal.

1.2  Through the Estonian geoportal the registered users – companies, non-profit organisations and natural persons may make their spatial data available for the public.

1.3  The Land Board is entitled to modify these conditions of use at any time.

 2. Rights and liabilities

2.1 The user who has made his services and data accessible shall be responsible for the availability of services and quality of data, including the updatedness, consistency and accuracy of data.

2.2 The user shall not provide services or data that may cause material or non-material damage to individuals or infringe the third persons’ right to privacy or violate the protection of personal data.

2.3 The user shall be entitled to apply for the deletion of his/her account at any time.

2.4 The Land Board shall have right to delete the user account or the services and data uploaded by the user, when the user violates the conditions of use or fails to meet the legal requirements.

2.5 The Land Board shall be entitled to refuse registration, when the user has previously violated these conditions of use.

2.6 The Land Board may restrict the user’s access to the geoportal, fully or partially, when allowing such access would damage the interests of individuals or the national security, including the removal of information and shutting down of relevant service. The Land Board shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage that could result from possible malfunctioning of the geoportal.

 3. Security

3.1 The data provided during registration will be available only to the Land Board. By registering the user grants the Land Board permission to process his/her personal data for the administration and identification of the account owner.

 4. Copyright

4.1 The Land Board shall not be held liable for any information made available by the users through the geoportal.

4.2 All extracts made through the Estonian geoportal’s map application shall bear a reference to the Estonian geoportal.