About the Estonian geoportal

The Estonian geoportal is a “gateway” through which spatial data that are owned by the Estonian state, local governments and other legal persons governed by public law are published and made available.

The Estonian geoportal is a part of the Estonian Spatial Data Infrastructure, which in its turn is a part of the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE). Spatial data, network services and relevant metadata, as specified in the annexes to the INSPIRE Directive, comply with the common rules, which helps to make them compatible and usable in a transboundary context. Data are usable via services with the help of different map softwares and also through the trans-European INSPIRE Geoportal.

According to the Estonian Spatial Data Act, the management and development of the Estonian geoportal is the responsibility of the Estonian Land Board. The Land Board collects all obligatory data about the appropriate public authorities, makes them available in the geoportal and forwards them to the European Commission. Data collection is a long-term continuous process. There are no common rules for all spatial datasets yet and this work will also continue in the coming years.

Through the Estonian geoportal spatial data can be created and shared both by companies and non-profit organisations, and also by private persons, who apply to the Land Board for appropriate access and agree to the conditions of use of the geoportal.